Hi, I’m Peng Wang (王鹏), an associate professor working in the Department of Physics at the University of Warwick. Previously, I established and led an aberration-corrected EM group called Sub-Atomic Resolution EM Laboratory at Nanjing University, China, which provides national access to state-of-art EM characterisation capabilities. My research has been focused primarily on two areas: examining the atomic structure of advanced materials and its effect on their functional properties in situ, with emphasis on complex oxides and two-dimensional materials, and developing novel computational diffractive imaging techniques (ptychography, 4D STEM) for light atomic detecting, low dose imaging, 3D reconstruction, EM field mapping, and cryo-EM, which can then tackle characterisation challenges across the physical and life sciences,  ranging from battery materials to biological macromolecules. I am a member of the Institute of Physics (MInstP) and a committee member of the Chinese Crystallography Society (CCS), Chinese Electron Microscopy Society (CEMS), the Youth Committee of the Chinese Materials Research Society (CMRS) and Jiangsu Vacuum Society.

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Many Congratulations to Xudong Pei, and coauthors! We would like to thank tremendous contributions from our collaborators to this work.  The paper of Cryogenic electron ptychographic single particle analysis with wide bandwidth information transfer Xudong Pei1#, Liqi Zhou1,2#, Chen Huang3#, Mark Boyce4, Judy S. Kim3,5, Emanuela Liberti3, Yiming Hu1, Takeo Sasaki6, Peter D. Nellist5, Peijun Zhang4,7,, David I. Stuart4,7,Angus I. Kirkland3,5,7* and Peng Wang1,2* has been accepted by Nature Communications, 2023 May and is on line now.


Novel Imaging Developments:

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Characterisation of Nano-materials:

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