Passed Viva for PhD Degree

One of my PhD students, Songhua Cai (蔡嵩骅) successfully passed his Viva for PhD. He is well deserved for his very hard work in the past 6 years as follows. Many Congratulations!

  1. D Ji#, S Cai#, TR Paudel, H Sun, C Zhang, L Han, Y Wei, Y Zang, M Gu, Y Zhang, W Gao, H Huyan, W Guo, D Wu, Z Gu, EY Tsymbal, P Wang*, Y Nie* & X Pan*, Freestanding crystalline oxide perovskites down to the monolayer limit, Nature, 570, 87-90 (2019).
  2. Wang, M., Cai, S., Pan, C., Wang, C., Lian, X., Zhuo, Y., Xu, K., Cao, T., Pan, X., Wang, B., Liang, S.-J., Yang*, J. J., Wang*, P. & Miao*, F. Robust memristors based on layered two-dimensional materials. Nature Electronics, (2018).
  3. S. Cai, C. Gu, Y. Wei, M. Gu, X. Pan & P. Wang*, Development of in situ optical–electrical MEMS platform for semiconductor characterizationUltramicroscopy,194, 57-63 (2018).
  4. And more to come…

2019_08_26_Songhua Cai