On-site Staffs:

王梅雨Dr Meiyu Wang (王梅雨)

Email: mywang@nju.edu.cn


2007-2011    BEng,   材料科学与工程,郑州大学
2011-2017    PhD,   Materials Engineering, University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA

Work Experience

2011-2015 Research Assistant, University of Nebraska Lincoln
2015-2016 Teaching Assistant, University of Nebraska Lincoln
2017-Now Research Associate, Nanjing University


Dr Si Gao (高斯)

Email: sigao@nju.edu.cn


2008-2012  BEng, Materials Science,Nanjing University
2012-2017  MA, PhD, Materials Science,Nanjing University

Work Experience

2017-Now Research Associate, Nanjing University

Mr Shaojie Fu (付少杰)

Email: emtraining@nju.edu.cn


1996-2000  BEng, Physics, Henan University
2000-2003  Master, Solid State Physics, Henan University
2003-2008  PhD, Solid State Physics, Nanjing University

Work Experience

2008-2016 Technician, Shenzhen School of Advanced Materials, Beijing University
2016-Now  Technician, Nanjing University


Former Staffs:

2018-2019 Sheng Xu (Now, PhD, Eindhoven University of Technology)

2016-2017 Jiatu Liu (Now, PhD, Sydney University)

2015-2017 Dr. Xingxu Yan (Now, Research Associate, UC Irvine)

2015-2016 Dr. Mei Ji (Now, Lecturer, College of Jiangsu)

2014-2017 Dr. ShuangBao Wang (Now, Assistant Professor, Guangxi University)

2013-2017 Dr. Lin Xie (Now, Associate Professor, Southern Science & Technology University)