Cryo-Electron Ptychography for Bio-imaging Published in Nature Comm

Many Congratulations to Liqi (PhD student) and coauthors! We would like to thank tremendous contributions from our collaborators to this work. A great collaborative result! Nature Communications 11, 2773 (2020).

In this paper, we, for the very first time demonstrate that electron ptychography can recover the phase of the specimen with continuous information transfer across a wide range of the spatial frequency spectrum, with improved transfer at lower spatial frequencies and as such is more efficient for phase recovery than conventional phase contrast imaging. We further show that the method can be used to study frozen-hydrated specimens of rotavirus double-layered particles and HIV-1 virus like particles under low-dose conditions (5.7 e/Å2) and heterogeneous objects in an Adenovirus-infected cell over large fields of view (1.14 × 1.14 μm) thus making it suitable for studies of many biologically important structures. Low-Dose Phase Retrieval of Biological Specimens using Cryo-Electron Ptychography

Passed Viva for PhD Degree

One of my PhD students, Songhua Cai (蔡嵩骅) successfully passed his Viva for PhD. He is well deserved for his very hard work in the past 6 years as follows. Many Congratulations!

  1. D Ji#, S Cai#, TR Paudel, H Sun, C Zhang, L Han, Y Wei, Y Zang, M Gu, Y Zhang, W Gao, H Huyan, W Guo, D Wu, Z Gu, EY Tsymbal, P Wang*, Y Nie* & X Pan*, Freestanding crystalline oxide perovskites down to the monolayer limit, Nature, 570, 87-90 (2019).
  2. Wang, M., Cai, S., Pan, C., Wang, C., Lian, X., Zhuo, Y., Xu, K., Cao, T., Pan, X., Wang, B., Liang, S.-J., Yang*, J. J., Wang*, P. & Miao*, F. Robust memristors based on layered two-dimensional materials. Nature Electronics, (2018).
  3. S. Cai, C. Gu, Y. Wei, M. Gu, X. Pan & P. Wang*, Development of in situ optical–electrical MEMS platform for semiconductor characterizationUltramicroscopy,194, 57-63 (2018).
  4. And more to come…

2019_08_26_Songhua Cai

Passed Viva for Master Degree by Research

Three Master students, Min Gu, Bingying Song and Jiamei Song in my groupsuccessfully passed their Viva for Master Degree by research. They are well deserved  for their hard work as following. Many Congratulations!

  • W Niu#, W Liu#, M Gu#, Y Chen, X Zhang, M Zhang, Y Chen, J Wang, J Du, F Song, X Pan, N Pryds, X Wang*, P Wang*, Y Xu, Y Chen & R Zhang, Direct Demonstration of the Emergent Magnetism Resulting from the Multivalence Mn in a LaMnO3 Epitaxial Thin Film System, Advanced Electronic Materials, 1800055 (2018).
  • B Song, Z Ding, CS Allen, H Sawada, F Zhang, X Pan, J Warner, AI Kirkland & P Wang*, Hollow Electron Ptychographic Diffractive Imaging, Physical Review Letters, 121, 146101 (2018).
  • J Song, CS Allen, S Gao, C Huang, H Sawada, X Pan, J Warner, P Wang* & AI Kirkland, Atomic Resolution Defocused Electron Ptychography at Low Dose with a Fast, Direct Electron Detector, Scientific Reports, 9, 3919 (2019).